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Laminate flooring is sure to elevate your home makeover

Get more for your decorating dollar with unbeatable laminate flooring. Low maintenance, stylish, and ultra-durable, it’s an affordable flooring that offers so many positive benefits. Check out the following extra reasons why laminate is a true favorite of homeowners nowadays.

Extreme durability–

A hard-wearing resin-coated external layer allows for a strong, scratch-resistant surfacing. Laminate floors are also impact-resistant, thus capable of lasting for many years, even in busy households. It can handle heavy traffic, high heels, clawed creatures, and running children without any problems at all!

Stain, fade, and moisture resistant –

Possibly, one of the best-known features of laminate flooring is its ability to resist stains, fading from sunlight, and moisture build-up. How can you tell you have a high-quality installation? By its unbeatable warranty! There are even some brands that offer a 25-year warranty that’s truly impressive –and very much appreciated.

Easy to clean and maintain –

That nearly impenetrable surface layer makes it easy to handle liquid and food spills –along with most other messes. Simply clean the floors with a quick sweep and damp mop about once a week, though it depends on your household. What’s nice is how you don't need any special products like varnishes or waxes to maintain or clean the installation.


In general, laminate is much more cost-effective than many other flooring options on the market. But also, when you take into account it's longevity and durability, these notable characteristics makes the savings even more impressive. Essentially, you’re getting so much more for a whole lot less money!
Modern laminate flooring in Yonkers, NY from Carpet Gallery

Variety of styles –

When it comes to design options, this is really where laminate shines. With the ability to mimic nearly any natural flooring material, you can get the look you want for substantially less cost-wise. Suddenly, colors, patterns, and style choices are virtually endless. Choose marble, hardwood, or ceramic lookalike, for instance, so you can match the character or mood of your space. Whether you’re in search of a cool modern look or a rich, elegant, and classic feel, you can find it in our laminate flooring store.

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