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Revamp your home with lovely, luxurious carpet flooring

Nowadays, homeowners still look to carpeting for a soft, luxurious underfoot comfort that’s simply unmatched. With modern fibers and technologically advanced protection, carpet is infinitely easier to care for compared to decades ago. Want something sumptuous and rich to the touch with an elegant appeal? Then perhaps carpeting is the perfect choice for your renovation project.

If you’re still unsure about carpet flooring, then here are a few more impressive features you’re sure to appreciate that may just change your mind!

Carpet style and insulation

Offering a variety of pile heights, unique patterns, and attractive colors, carpet adds style to any space. Create the image you want for any room with this eye-catching, sleek addition that’s blends in seamlessly, no matter what essence you’re aiming for.

Save on energy costs with this insulative material that keeps the house warm in colder months and cool in hotter ones. What’s truly one-of-a-kind about soft surfacing is how it not only provides an actual, physical feeling of warmth thanks to its fibers, but it also gives a psychological impression of welcoming comfort.

Carpet maintenance and cleaning

Contrary to carpeting of decades ago, modern soft surfacing is incredibly simple to maintain and clean. There’s normally no need to request an additional protective coating, as many safeguarding agents are manufactured directly into the fibers.

With cleaned and maintained, there’s no denying how unbelievably soft and just plain good carpet feels to the touch. Underfoot, it provides a cushioned padding that begs you to curl up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s night.

Other carpet benefits

Aside from providing insulation, soft surfacing also absorbs ambient noise. With wall-to-wall, you can significantly decrease sounds between rooms and floors. The thicker the carpet padding, the more absorption it’ll provide.

Safety-wise, carpeting does indeed add an extra level of security, greatly reducing the likelihood of slipping, tripping, and falling. However, should an accident occur, soft surfacing will provide a soft, cushioned place to land.
Luxury carpet in Scarsdale, NY from Carpet Gallery
Acting just like a giant sponge, carpet flooring absorbs dust, allergens, dander, and other contaminants, holding onto them until you can remove them with vacuuming and deep cleaning.

Every kind of carpet flooring on the market

At Carpet Gallery, our Scarsdale, New York showroom carries a vast assortment of both contemporary and traditional, synthetic, and natural carpet options. Serving the Scarsdale, Westchester, Yonkers, Eastchester, and Bronxville, New York regions, our professional carpet store showroom experts are ready to help you find the best floors for your upcoming renovation.